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Get a locker 

Once you have retrieved your schedule, go to your Omnivox portal.

You will be able to make your choice of box by clicking on the Lockers module and follow the instructions.

Note that lockers are allocated according to the allocation rules of your program. 

You must pay a $10 locker rental fee (credit card only). 


COVID-19 ; This year, locker rental will not be available to all students in order to respect the sanitary measures and physical distance established by public health. Please note that only one student is allowed per locker.

Here is the list of programs* allowing some students to have access to an individual locker. 

*We have prioritized students whose programs require the use of a lot of equipment. 

Programs from the International School of Hotel Management & Tourism: 

DEC in Hotel Management Technique (430.A0)
DEC in Food Service Management (430.BO)
DEP in Professional Cooking (5811)
ASP in Market-Fresh Cooking (5824)

Programs from the International School of Fashion, Arts and Design:

DEC in Fashion Design (571.A0)
AEC in Interior Design (NTA.1J)
AEC in Graphic Design (NTA.1C)
AEC in Video Editing (NWY.1D)
AEC in Professional Creative Photography (NTA.1X)
DEP in Hairdressing (5745)
DEP in Aesthetic (5839)
Artistic Makeup – Master Class (00622)
Artistic Makeup – Stage and Special Effects Techniques (00623)
Artistic Makeup – Fashion and Beauty (00625)
Massotherapy (00327) 


• If you take possession of a box other than the one assigned to you, you risk removal of your belongings without notice

• For reasons of hygiene and safety, it is forbidden to leave perishable or flammable products in the boxes.

• LaSalle College assumes no responsibility for losses due to theft or vandalism.

• No reimbursement of rental fees will be made.

• If you do not empty the locker according to the dates agreed upon at the end of your rental, the locker will be emptied of its contents. The renter hereby assigns to LaSalle College the right of ownership of the contents remaining in the locker.

• LaSalle College reserves the right to verify the contents of the locker if there are reasonable grounds to believe that it contains items that could endanger the safety of LaSalle College users. 

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