Checklist to start the semester right

To get your semester off to a good start, make sure you have completed all of these steps.

☐  Take your placement tests (if required

☐  Sign your contract to confirm your enrollment (or bring a physical copy of your physical contract to the admissions office)

☐  Bring all your original documents to the admissions office (if necessary)

☐  Pay your tuition fees

☐  Create your Omnivox account

☐  Retrieve your schedule through Omnivox

☐  Confirm your course registrations

☐  Get your student ID card

☐  Get a locker (if needed)

☐  Buy your OPUS card for public transit

☐  Get your TuGo insurance

☐  Visit the college campus

☐  Explore the college orientation platform

Note that the Student Services team can answer any questions you may have.

Visit their kiosk in the mezzanine on the first day of classes, or at their 6th floor offices. 

I would like to obtain information

My Schedule

My Student Card and OPUS Card

My locker

Placement Tests

AGEL - Students Association

College Services

Omnivox Support

Documentation centre

Pay my tuition fees

All the actions to do to start my session well

My Virtual Classes