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Schedule Availability

Your schedule has been available since August 13 at 5 p.m, in the Class Schedule module of your Omnivox. You must retrieve it as soon as possible through this module.

Before you can retrieve your schedule, you will have to read and ackowledge the Covid-19 policy. A window will open automatically after you log in to Omnivox and allow you to view this document.

Understand your schedule

Fall 2020 promises to be a special and innovative semester in many spheres. LaSalle College, like many other businesses, has had to review some of its procedures, particularly in the delivery of its courses.

When you retrieve your schedule, you will notice that in front of each course title is followed by a number. This code will allow you to know if your course is given online or on campus.

Thus, you will be able to see three (3) codes preceding the title of your course, C1, C2 and C3:


The majority of the course periods will be given online.


This course will be online and you will connect remotely to computers at the College.


Part of the periods of this course will be given online and another part on campus.


The majority of the course periods will be given on campus.

It is important to note that if your schedule starts on August 27th, your first week of classes (August 27th to September 2nd) will take place online, even if your schedule indicates the need to be present on campus at the beginning of the session. From the 2nd week onwards, classes will be given according to the mode defined by the codes and instructions communicated by your teacher if there are adjustments.

For those whose schedule starts on September 3, your first week of classes (from September 3 to 9) will also take place online. From the second week onwards, classes will be given according to the codes and instructions given by your teacher if there are any adjustments.

Here is an explanatory capsule to help you better understand.

Understanding the class locations

Schedule modifications

It will be possible to request a schedule change until the day before the start of the Fall semester, which is August 26, at 5 p.m.

This semester, schedule modifications will not be possible through the Omnivox module as in other years, due to the various types of courses contained in the schedule. You must therefore send a Mi0 (internal Omnivox message) to your program technician (please consult your school’s section to find out who to contact).

Be as precise as possible in your request: for example, which course(s) you would like to change and the reason for the change (you would like a different time slot, a change of teacher or groups, etc.).

If this modification is possible, your technician will be happy to make it happen. Please keep in mind that some modifications are not possible.

For example:

-  If there is only one group of this course existing in your language of instruction
-  If the group you would like to join is full
-  If the modification means that you do not have the necessary travel time between classes
-  Etc. 

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