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You will find below the people who will be able to help you throughout your journey with us. Each of these people will play a very special role in your life at the College. You will even be able to make appointments directly with some of the key roles in your department through this platform.

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Demystifying general education

When you are registered in a DCS (Diploma of Collegial Studies), you must complete the courses within your concentration, as well as a certain number of courses common to all students registered in this type of diploma. This is known as general education courses.

To obtain your diploma, you will therefore have to complete, in addition to all your concentration courses: 
.   Three courses in philosophy
.   Three physical education classes
.   A minimum of 4 English courses (language of instruction)
.   A minimum of 2 French courses (second language)
.   Two complementary courses

In addition to this, you will have to pass the Exit English Exam from the Ministry of Education at the end of your program to finally obtain your DCS.

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