E-Learning School

Welcome to the E-Learning School! 

You will find below the people who will be able to help you throughout your journey with us. Each of these people will play a very special role in your life at the College. You will even be able to make appointments directly with some of the key roles in your department through this platform.

Don't hesitate to reach out to them!

Orientation session for all students


May 2021

6 p.m.

Presentation of the school and administrative services

1 hour 30 min.

Getting my semester off to a good start at the E-Learning school

You will find below a guide gathering all the necessary information to start your semester at the E-Learning school.

Your administrative staff

Nathalie Gomez

Student coordinator

Chantal Thériault


Chrystel Jacquot-Donnat


Lydie Ducroux

Programs coordinator

Véronica Martins

Programs Coordinator - Laval Campus

I would like to obtain information

My Schedule

My Student Card and OPUS Card

College Services

Omnivox Support

Documentation centre

Pay my tuition fees

All the actions to do to start my session well

My Virtual Classes